A Video Collection of People Taking Balls to the Face


We’re feeling kind of down in the dumps today. At times like these, there is but one thing we turn to in order to make ourselves feel better.

We’re speaking, of course, of videos of people taking balls to the face.

And Just Like That, Soccer Is Fun To Watch

Going to your kid’s soccer game is every parent’s worst nightmare. There are no seats, no concession stands and the action just inherently sucks, because it’s soccer. Soccer being played by kids, no less. But if something like this happened every game, we’d look forward to it the same way we look forward to cracking open the bottle of vodka in our desk at 10am each day.

Good Hands, Kid!

We bet he would have caught it if it was a sandwich.

Sometimes the Ball Is Thrown In Your Face, And Sometimes It Throws Your Face

This isn’t so much a ball in the face as it is a ball being used in an unnatural way thereby leading to the destruction of someone’s face. We still love it, though.

This Probably Wouldn’t Happen If He Played a Real Sport

Good hands, bro! We get it though. That ball had to be traveling at least 4mph. No one can be expected to perform in such a high pressure situation.

Refs Get In the Way of Everything

Hey, ref, what are you, blind or something? No, seriously, did this ref just get blinded? He took that ball to the face with some force. It had to detach a retina at the very least.

Idiots at Wal-Mart? No Way!

Seen in this video: What we would like to do to every teen we’ve ever encountered at Wal-Mart. Why hang out at Wal-Mart? Go get drunk at a cemetery like normal teens, you damn weirdos.

Kobe Bryant Has Nerves of Steel

Forget the dunks and game winning shots, this is the most impressive play of Kobe Bryant’s career. How do you not even kind of flinch?

Very Subtle, Allen Iverson

Deron Williams, unfortunately, was not quite as lucky as Kobe Bryant. Allen Iverson didn’t just fake hitting him in the face with the ball. He straight up hit him.

At Least He Put the Gloves On In a Somewhat Studly Manner

This reporter is talking a good game at first. But once the action unfolds, the unfortunate fact that he’s an uncoordinated boob is made all too clear.

Take Your Medicine!

We’re Hanz and Franz, and we’re to…get fucked up by a medicine ball?

Boom! Headshot!

Whoever pulled this off needs to make it the crowning jewel of one of those epic trick shot compilations that so many athletes are putting together these days. How often are you going to catch something this awe inspiring on camera?