Viral Outbreak: Baby Screech Owls Fail to Live Up to Their Name


Every once in awhile, we’ll stumble across a video that seemingly has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. There’s nothing particularly interesting happening, there’s no heinous injuries, no fat people falling off of tables, none of that. But somehow, these videos still manage to entertain us from time to time.

This, is one of those videos. It’s a group of baby screech owls. When you hear that, you expect that you’re going to watch video of three adorable animals belting out cacophonous noises and generally being annoying. But this is even less than that. It’s just four adorable little guys blinking their gigantic eyes in wide wonder at the new world before them (except for that jaded hipster owl third from the left).

There’s no reason we should enjoy this as much as we do.