Guns N’ Roses Album Covers Updated to Reflect Axl Rose’s Obesity


We’re not sure if you heard the news or not, but Axl Rose got fat again. We say “again” because he got pretty huge back in 2010 also. Has he been fat this whole time? Hard telling, the guy never appears in public unless he’s performing or getting punched in the face by Tommy Hilfiger. He hasn’t done either of those things in some time, so it could go either way.

Whatever the case, if his most recent weight gain is any indication, it’s safe to assume that Axl Rose’s days of slithering around the stage shirtless are long gone. In light of this development, we thought an update to some of Guns N’ Roses classic album covers was in order.

Here are some of Guns N’ Roses album covers updated to reflect Axl Rose’s new found flab…

GN’R Fries


We pushed the deadline for this article as far as humanly possible just so we could spend extra time debating whether this album should be renamed “GN’R Pies” or “GN’R Fries.” We ultimately went with fries because it was almost time for lunch. Actually, that’s a fairly accurate description of how pretty much every editorial decision is made around here.

Appetite for Turducken


Again, “Appetite for Turducken” or “Appetite for a Luncheon”? We went with turducken because it’s probably delicious. We’ve never actually tried it though on account of the fact that we’ve never played the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

The All You Can Eat Spaghetti Incident?


On a somewhat related note, is that not the most horrific looking spaghetti you’ve ever seen? All we could eat is none.

Chinese Delivery


Too easy, just way too easy.

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As you can see, we couldn’t come up with any good jokes for the Use Your Illusion albums. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section below.