Ten Great April Fools Day Pranks Caught on Video


Just a heads up in case you forgot, tomorrow is April Fools Day. Not only should be planning the perfect prank to execute on your clueless friends and family members, but you should also have your defenses up in case any no good swine has their sights set on you.

We can’t really help you with the second half of those preparations. Defense is a responsibility we all share. But if you’re stuck for good prank ideas for when the ball is in your court, we’ve got you covered.

Here are ten great April Fools Day pranks caught on video…

The Spaghetti Harvest

Okay, we’ll readily admit, you probably don’t have the necessary resources to pull this one off. But it’s still worth sharing. In one of the greatest pranks of all-time, a British television news program ran an April Fools Day story about record spaghetti harvests in Italy. Like, actual trees that spaghetti grow on.

The station was quickly inundated with calls from dunderheaded viewers asking how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. It’s no “War of the Worlds,” but it’s damn close.

Pete Carroll Dishes Out the Punishment

Pete Carroll convincing a defensive lineman that he’s about to be arrested for abusing a freshman is funny, but his best joke is still the one he tells about how those NCAA violations had nothing to do with his decision to leave USC for the NFL.

Stop Talking!

A word of advice to any teachers out there who may consider trying this one, make sure the student involved is actually in on the prank. Unless you’re looking to be fired, which we would totally understand depending on what school you’re teaching at.

800 Cups of Water

How fucking unemployed do you have to be in order to have time to do this? Some loving son places 800 cups of water outside his father’s bedroom door, and that’s just the beginning. He also plasters his SUV with Post-It notes and fills the vehicle with balloons. Someone doesn’t want daddy to get to work on time!

Also, why does dude wake up wearing a hat?

Colin Cowherd Probably Deserved It

Our only complaint with this prank is that Brock Lesnar doesn’t actually punch Colin Cowherd in the face. If you’ve ever heard the man’s radio show, you understand.

Math Shadows

There are two kinds of dorks in the world. On the one hand, you have those obnoxious dorks who are just so flamboyant in their nerdiness that you want to punch them in the stomach and give them a swirlie. And then there’s this guy, who’s more the kind of dork you’d want to coax into smoking a joint just so you could hear him talk about math for four hours. We don’t want to punch this guy, we want to be his best friend.

Mean Bunny

We admire this prank not only for the high production values displayed in the video, but also for the sheer amount of planning that went into pulling it off. And that bunny IS scary as shit.

Douchebag Roommate

This video is precisely why we’ll never have a roommate ever again. Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy your concussion!

The Keys Aren’t Working

This prank is funny, but truth be told, anyone who gets in the way of our swift exit from the office at precisely 4:58pm each day is subject to an unbridled bout of workplace violence. There are just some things you don’t mess with. A person escaping their soul crushing cubicle is one of them.

It’s nice to hear someone getting so much shit for being thin for once, though. Even if the abundance of mouth breathing overheard in the audio makes it pretty clear that the person who masterminded this prank is mostly likely just disappointed in themselves for finally cracking the 400 pound mark.

You’re Going Back to Prison!

Oh, the irony! Rapper TI plays a prank on one of his artists who just got home from jail by staging an arrest to make the poor kid think he’s going right back to jail. Karma is a bitch, TI!