American Reunion Apps

You love the American Pie franchise so much you want to interact with the movies. Like bring the movies into your pocket. For the day-to-day reminders of the funny times of Pie. Yes? Yes! TSJ fans out your American Pie app options below. You’re so welcome.

The Stiffler App (for Android only)

Yo Android users, have a look at Stifler-isms here. With this app, you can:

  • Challenge your reflexes and your taste buds with Chug It!
  • Get your party on with the Kegger Calculator!
  • Hear golden nuggets of wisdom in the Stifler Speak Soundboard (along with some classic lines from the past!)

 The JibJab Pie in the Face App

Wish you were hilarious? Test out the classic funny pie-in-the-face move here. Everyone will LOVE YOU! Okay wait I’m lying. This app is to put you and your friends into a custom reunion video. RAD!

Shit Stilfer Says

“I’m gonna hang out with my wang out” and more classic Stifler-isms! For your viewing delight.

Better or Worse App

So easy to judge when they’re Hollywood actors. But what about you, kiddo? Has your mug stood the test of time? Check out your own before and after shots with this here trusty app. Hum a little of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” at yourself, maybe.