Why Is Ace Frehley So Sad?

peter criss main

In the name of full disclosure, we’ll kick this off by stating that we aren’t 100% sure if this really is former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley in the above photo. Hopefully any die-hard KISS fans reading this can forgive us for that. The band wears full makeup and we’re not nearly into them enough to make a positive identification based on body language and distinguishing facial crags alone. Sorry.

But that’s completely beside the point, because there’s a serious problem here. Ace Frehley is really sad, you guys!

Is it because that other dude is cupping what may be his wife, girlfriend or escort for the night’s breast? Is it because he doesn’t have a breast to fondle? Is the guy he’s talking to serving him with court papers or something? Is Gene Simmons suing him for some reason? Gene strikes us a pretty litigious kind of guy, but we think we would have heard a story like that somewhere, so it’s unlikely.

So what the hell is it that has Ace Frehley so down in the dumps? Our sources tell us the picture was taken in Las Vegas, so whatever the problem is, it must be pretty horrible. If you’re depressed in a city like Las Vegas, things have gone completely off the rails. So what’s the problem? We want to know! Can you help us figure it out?

In the comments section below, give us your best guess as to why Ace is so damn bummed. Later in the week, we’ll gather up the best responses and post them here on TSJ. So get your analysis pants on and let us know why you think Ace Frehley looks so damn sullen. Together, we will figure this mystery out!

(picture via alepisaball.com)