A Condom is Worth 1,000 Words

You Condoms

Remember all those times you looked at a condom wrapper and thought, “I wish my face was on that”? We didn’t think so. But apparently, there are some folks out there who have, because Condomania saw an opening in the market for a product to fulfill precisely that wish. The site is now offering a service called You Condom that allows you to personalize your condoms with the picture of your choosing. You can even add text like, “Happy Birthday,” “I’m still not sure you’re clean” or, “Look Ma—no STDs!” The possibilities are endless. Condomania touts these puppies as perfect for “birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, self-promotion or a gift for that special someone.” Riiiiight. Because nothing screams romantic like a box of condoms with your girlfriend’s face emblazoned on each one.