9 TV Shows with Re-imagined Genres

IT’S ALMOST FREAKY how easy it is to take a well-known comedy or drama and, with a few editing tweaks, turn the show on its head.

Oh, the power of the laugh track. Capable of making murder, rape, death, justice into a cute little butterfly with a zinger on top. The power of swooping camera angles and ominous music, capable of making those cute zingers into Charles Manson.

This fabulous collection is really just a nod to Internet’s creative genius. I would watch any of these as a companion series to the actual show as it was originally intended for.

1. I Need Brainnn! The Walking Dead Sitcom

Now who the hell would not want to borrow a cup of sugar from their “Well Zombie”??! This is really a masterpiece in 80s sitcom. Walking Dead was meant to be slotted after Full House.

2. Cooking Meth! Breaking Bad Sitcom

HAHAHA! Cooking meth is fun again! I’ve been waiting for that! Boy! Is there anything Cranston can’t do?! The shot of Jesse blowing up his meth cooking suit is a kicker! Classic episode.

3. At Merlotte’s! True Blood Sitcom

I always felt True Blood towed a fine line between silly soap opera and drama. And I always felt that… Sam Merlotte was truly the hilarious breakout character of the show! Merlotte’s is a perfect backdrop for a spinoff sitcom. Andy Bellefleur’s line on sobriety is a zinger!

4. Game of Throbbing Hearts: Game of Thrones Rom-Com

How quickly and easily one turns Game of Thrones into A Knight’s Tale. Put shitty pop Billboard music to any period-piece television show and you get classic rom-com gold. Oh, and Peter Dinklage falling at the end is slap comedy at its finest!

4. Slice of Serial Life: Dexter Sitcom

Dexter’s dumbfounded character plays perfect for this sitcom! No matter how many slits get cut… every serial killer has to mow the lawn. And that shit is funny!

5. Let Tobias In: Arrested Development Horror Drama

Simply put: I’d let Tobias murder me.

6. Wired! The Wire Sitcom

From the makers of Big Bang Theory… Probably the greatest dramatic show of all-time, could use a little light-hearted laugh track to keep us all honest from time to time.

7. My Marbles: Lost Sitcom

Smoke Monsters never seemed so cuddly. Fuck. I want to get LOST! Seems so much fun!

8. Twin Cheers: Twin Peaks Sitcom

Well, the intro at least. But it just shows you how Gary Portnoy’s theme for Cheers can make the eeriest of shows turn quite delightful! Right, Cliff?! Fucking drunk.

9. Just the Facts, Ma’am: Dragnet Sitcom

Sergeant Joe Friday is the perfect way to coast into a weekend.