6 Totally Useful Bike Apps

LET’S SAY you got stuck on a bike path on some peninsula way outside of the city and you had only two packs of Smarties on you and no water because you didn’t think you were going for a long ride but then it turned into an extra-long road trip because you happened to be dating a super pumped keener cyclist. For example.

And then let’s say you got a flat.

What would you do?

You’d whip out your smartphone and wave it ebulliently around you like a stumpy light saber, and you’d be all hellbent on saving the day, and you’d know in your heart that you could. Because there are apps for just about everything bike-related–from how to get your pedal back on, to tracking your mileage, to using your phone as a bike light–hey, that’s pretty rad.

Take these out for a road test and see for yourself.

You could be a hero.

1. Bike Repair HD

2. Bike Doctor

3. Cycle Tracker

4. Bike Lover Guide

5. Bike Light

6. SportyPal


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