6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football


FOOTBALL IS FULL OF GREAT MOMENTS: One-handed catches, last minute drives, game-winning field goals, bone-crunching hits. Also cheerleaders.

But football also has a lighter side.

Here’s a look at some of football’s funniest moments.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

Every football fan knows that to score a touchdown the ball must break the plane of the goal line.

So you’d think that every football player would know this too.

But some players sure don’t act like they do.

Some players start celebrating before the ball crosses the line, dropping the ball in the process.

Danny Trevathan did exactly this in Week 1 of this season, and now everybody knows who Danny Trevathan is.

Trevathan wasn’t the first player to squander touchdown glory, and he won’t be the last, but it will always be funny.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

Touchdown celebrations are a big part of football, even if the NFL seems to enjoy punishing players for them.

On rare occasions though, the players punish themselves.

After scoring a touchdown against the Giants in a game back in 1997, Washington quarterback, Gus Frerotte, decided on an unconventional celebration… head-butting the stadium wall. Right.

So Frerotte wound up spraining his neck in the process, missed the rest of the game, and had to be taken to the hospital for a CAT scan.

Frerotte played 15 seasons in the NFL and threw over 100 touchdowns, but is better remembered for his head-butt than anything else.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

Leon Lett is well known for two bonehead plays in an otherwise stellar career.

One was a premature celebration in the Super Bowl XXVII that costs Lett a touchdown but little else as the game was out of reach at the time.

The other blunder cost Dallas a victory on Thanksgiving Day in 1993.

That game was already remarkable due to a rare Texas snowstorm, but Lett made it unforgettable when tried to pick up the ball after a blocked Miami field goal and slipped on the slushy field.

If Lett had done nothing, Dallas would have got the ball to run out the clock. But by touching the ball Lett made it ‘live’ and allowed the Dolphins to regain possession and attempt another field goal, which was successful to give Miami the 16-14 win.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

Referees generally don’t get noticed unless they make a bad call, in which case they will be much discussed for the next week, if not longer.

One of the most memorable blown calls in NFL history is a blown coin toss.

Before overtime between the Lions and Steelers on Thanksgiving Day 1998, Luckett assembled the captains for the toss. Jerome Bettis called it in the air for the Steelers.

He called tails. It was picked up by the referee’s microphone and heard in the stadium and on television

But Luckett said he called heads. The toss was tails and it was awarded to Detroit. The Lions chose to receive and scored the winning field goal on the first drive.

After the game it was reviled that Bettis had called “hea-tails” and Luckett was thus correct. But few fans remember that, the NFL changed its coin toss procedures as a result.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

In 1985 hip-hop was still called rap and was just becoming a force in music. The Chicago Bears, meanwhile, were the most dominant force in football.

How or why those two things ever became connected remains a mystery, but the combo produced one of the funnier videos you’ll ever see.

This video should have been an embarrassment, it should have made the Bears the NFL laughingstock, but it was a huge hit—and not just in Chicago!

After the Bears shuffled there way to a Super Bowl win—still the franchise’s only one—a few months after releasing the video, it wound up being prophetic.

If other teams were laughing at the Bears video they weren’t laughing at their Super Bowl rings.


6 Totally Hilarious Moments in Football

“Broadway” Joe was one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game and led the New York Jets to victory in Super Bowl III.

But Namath was also one of the stranger athletes to play any game. Known for his wild hair, his manner with the ladies, wearing a fur coat on the sidelines and some unusual endorsement deals.

But his most infamous incident occurred one Monday night back in 2003. Namath tried to kiss Suzy Kolber, or at least announced he would like to, during a sideline interview.

For many who never watched Namath play this is the moment they remember best, for better or worse.