5 TV Premieres to Get Excited About

Quit the exercising. Turn out those lights and settle your rears down on some couches, folks. This month is going to have some of the best TV we’ve seen in a while. Just what television shows should you been looking out for? Well, let’s see…

1. Wilfred

Brought to you by the brilliant mind of Jason Gann and starring Elijah Wood, Wilfred is an incredibly funny comedy series.

Wilfred, Explained 

The series stars Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman, a manic-depressive who is the only person who can see his neighbor’s dog as an grown man dressed up in a dog suit. Throughout the first season, Wilfred — the dog played by Gann — tries to ‘help’ Ryan into living a life of freedom and peace. Easier said than done.

Wilfred, Season 2 Trailer

Wilfred is crass, rude, shocking, funny, and all-around entertaining.

The show starts its second season on June 28 on the FX Network.

2. Louie

Talk about a guy who has had one heck of a year. Louie is a series about Louis CK’s life… a real show about reality.


While being revered in the comedy world for being one of the funniest people in the business, the series is actually not always funny. It’s more about showing a guy with a crazy career trying to raise two daughters as a single dad.

Louie, Season 3 Trailer

Louis CK created the series, writes it, produces it, directs it, and even edits it on a 13” MacBook Pro. Oh, and he’s also a rock star comedian and still manages to raise two daughters.

The third season also begins on FX on June 28.

3. Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang is a new IFC program starring comedian/writer/producer Scott Aukerman as the host of a faux talk show. Along with his bandleader/sidekick, Reggie Watts, Aukerman interviews celebrities and comedians, mixing up a good blend of conversation, improvisation, and sketch comedy.

Fans of his hugely popular eponymous podcast already know just how funny the program is going to be. For people just being introduce to Aukerman, get ready for a great ride you never saw coming.

Comedy Bang Bang premieres on IFC on June 8 at 10 PM.

4. Anger Management

Yep, Charlie Sheen’s back. And what better place for a guy like him than the FX Network?

Trailer 1

The megastar cable network already makes amazing television, and we’re sure that Anger Management will fit quite nicely into its pot of hits.

Trailer 2

The series stars Charlie Sheen as a former minor-league baseball player turned non-traditional anger management therapist whose life is constantly complicated by family and friends. The series is molded after the 2003 movie of the same name starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sheen’s role will be similar to that of Nicholson’s.

We’re sure that the new FX series will be quite interesting.

It, too, begins on June 28 on FX.

5. The Newsroom

This show is brought to us by the brilliant mind of Aaron Sorkin — The West Wing, The Social Network, need we say more? — and stars Jeff Daniels as a news anchor who, with his team, strives to put on a show “in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles and their own personal entanglements.” Yeah, we’re not sure what that means either, but Aaron Sorkin wrote the Facebook movie so it’s got to be good, no?

The Newsroom Trailer

Given Sorkin’s lengthy list of accomplishments over the years we’re pretty positive saying that this series will not suck.

The Newsroom premieres on HBO on June 24.


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