5 Moments in Iggy Pop

IGGY POP (aka Jim Osterberg Jr.) is known for his place in the canon of punk rock, for his association with David Bowie, for scratching himself up and puking on stage, all the while throwing out a multi-decade career’s worth of brilliant performances. You know who we’re talking about. You know Iggy.

Here are some vids that’ll only make you dig him more. And make you wonder why you’re in an office staring into a computer when you could be out there proclaiming your genius. Or clopping around in high-heeled flip-flops while getting a newscaster to strip you down on national television. Or crooning with Françoise Hardy and her cute little sing-songy English accent.

Dude’s led a blessed life.

Countdown Interview + “I’m Bored”

Awkward Interview


Iggy Takes Off His Shirt and Wears High Heeled Flip-flops on French TV

The Classic


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