4 Celebrities on “Celebrity Ghost Stories” Who Are Probably Lying


“Seventy-five percent of Americans believe that there are events that take place that cannot be explained. Over half of these people believe they have experienced paranormal events themselves. The identity of some of these people may surprise you…”

That’s the introduction to a show on Bio called Celebrity Ghost Stories that kind of implies that when a famous person tells a ghost story, it holds much more credibility than a ghost story from any of us non-celebrity peasants because celebrities are certainly not in the business of embellishing, or creating drama. And they don’t have easy access to drugs, right? Right.

The only difference between Celebrity Ghost Stories and a ghost story you’d hear from your crazy aunt post-Thanksgiving drinking is the dramatic music and re-enactments that accompany them. The show does a great job of turning a “ghost story” into something really scary and engaging to watch. But sometimes, even with the entire production flourish they give to each episode in order to make it as terrifying as possible, there are a few celebrities whose “ghost stories” border on delusional… to outright lying.

1. Debbie Gibson

The ’80s teen singing sensation, Debbie Gibson, is not only musically inclined but apparently, she’s also musically haunted. According to her first-hand account on Celebrity Ghost Stories, it all began when she bought one of Librace’s bedazzled pianos. Immediately after her purchase, she began to experience strange things that led her to believe that Liberace’s soul had been included as the piano’s “gift-with” purchase. According to Debbie, Liberace seemed to be haunting slash encouraging her music career. One of Debbie’s claims is finding words of encouragement written on a piece of paper that randomly fell out of a book hours before she had to perform. She believes this note was put in front of her by Liberace as a way to ease her worries before her big show.


We’re sure Debbie Gibson means well and isn’t flat out telling a bold-faced lie, but we feel that maybe she might be romanticizing her whole experience just a tad. While it’s certainly a beautiful ghost story of her idol guiding her musical career from beyond, it seems a little far-fetched to believe that Liberace’s spirit would be attached to his piano and thus, attached to whoever bought it. What if a plumber had bought the piano? Would Liberace have stuck around and helped him snake a drain and or clean up a septic tank blowout? Why would Liberace be wasting his time “supporting” Debbie Gibson with a career that’s already pretty well established, if not already past its peak?

Unless she had an extremely attractive pool boy or lived near a men’s locker room, we’re almost positive Liberace’ isn’t cruising the halls of Casa De Gibson, writing notes and trying on her high heels. Sorry Debbie.


2. Nick Hogan

This is one of the episodes where Bio played it fast and loose with the word “celebrity” by having Nick Hogan (that would be Hulk Hogan’s son for those of you who haven’t already rolled your eyes) participate in the show. Nick Hogan’s ghost story takes place in a hotel in Miami, Florida when he was a young teen. It was rumored that the fifth floor was haunted, and after speaking with one of the waiters at the hotel, who confirmed that strange things totally did happen on the fifth floor, Nick Hogan decided this would be a good place to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Nick and his friends got a hotel room and decided to explore the abandoned fifth floor that was eventually so scary they ran back to their room after by a chased out by a shadowy ghost.


Most celebrities that go on the show are very specific about what the ghosts they saw, even the unlikeliest of story-tellers, like Biz Markie, suddenly become very engaged in the details of their encounter. What the ghost looked like, how they felt, etc. Nick does none of these things and seems to be on the verge of falling asleep as he describes an abandoned hotel room floor exactly how you would imagine an abandoned hotel room floor would be; dark, cold and empty with creaky floors. Except he occasionally throws in the word “scary” or “spooky” in front of each description. Other than that, the rest of Nick’s story consisted of “mysterious” shadows darting in and out of sight, which couldn’t have possibly been caused by the fact that it was dark and they each had their own flashlights. Finally, a much larger and more ominous shadow eventually chased them off (we assume this is probably when the shrooms kicked in). If that qualifies as a ghost story, then our experiences of going to the “scary” bathroom in the middle of the night can also qualify as a ghost story. The tile in the bathroom is TERRIFYINGLY cold and a SCARY “tinkling” sound can be heard and sometimes…*shudder*… a strange, “CREEPY” smell fills the room!


3. Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman’s “ghost story” is at his house. He noticed that after some heated arguments with his wife, a lot of unexplained activity occurred in his house and possibly caused some psychological trauma to his son, but psh! Who cares about that?! What’s with the strange banging sounds yo?! Corey claims that after having his house checked, the strange bangs and scratching within the walls was not caused by anything ordinary like the plumbing, rats or Andy Dick stuck in the furnace. The loud noises continued to increase as fights with his wife became more and more frequent. Voices were heard over the monitor, the house alarm was turned off when it was supposed to be turned on and sometimes his son appeared to be talking to someone who weren’t there. At one point, his grandfather’s ring was inexplicably found in his son’s bedroom to which Corey eventually concluded that his Grandmother’s spirit was trying to tell him that his toxic relationship was not healthy. Inevitably, he states that the “ghostly” experience helped him with his decision to end the relationship with his wife.


Are we starting to see a pattern of questionable ghost stories that come from people with a questionable celebrity status? Perhaps. There’s a lot of reasons why Corey Feldman shared his ghost story with the world; maybe he needed money or maybe his schedule is wide open now because white guys doing Michael Jackson impersonations aren’t as big of a draw as it used to be. Whatever the reason may be, Bio should get their money back from him because it’s a pretty pathetic story. An occasional banging, a misplaced ring, an alarm system on the fritz and strange baby monitor noises sounds less like a ghost and more like an unsupervised child who was sick of watching his parents chew each others faces off so he decided to fuck around the house instead.


4. Aida Turturro

Probably one of the all-time worst ghost story ever told on the show was by Aida Turturro from The Sopranos.  When she was little, her and a friend were at her house by themselves.  She recalls that they both heard strange banging noises in her father’s bedroom upstairs and moments later; an unexplained gust of air rushed past them!


The news that Snooki was procreating was a whole lot scarier than poor Aida Turturro’s story about an old house, doing what old houses do, which is make noises and let in drafts. But what’s really sad is the fact that the producers of the show clearly thought her story was a big bag of bullshit farts too, except they didn’t have the heart to tell it to her face. Instead, they played the Paranormal Activity soundtrack in the background as she told her story, to try and put some spice into her sad little tale. Much like Nick Hogan, her story had no specifics but it did have a healthy helping of ‘likes’ and “sorta, like” with a “like, I don’t know” thrown in just to keep you on your toes, accompanied by hand gestures so violent it’s miraculous she didn’t knock herself out in the middle of her story. We’re guessing that much like the ill-placed music, her need to land an airplane while telling it was to over-compensate for the  obvious, non-ghost story she was trying to pass off as a paranormal experience.



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