Wedneday Wasabi: Udder Silliness with Yuuri Morishita

Yuuri MorishitaHere’s a sorta interesting story at Kotaku Australia about Yuuri Morishita: “From Booth Babe To X-Rays.”

It seems the longtime model is getting “nude” in an upcoming video, and by “nude” they mean not just clothesless but also skinless. She’s going behind an X-ray machine, and getting her blood drawn, in the kind of revealing intimate medical action that only the Japanese could find sexy.

Call us squares, but this article did not send us on a Google quest for X-ray porn or blood-drawing porn, but it did make us want to see a lot more pictures of Yuuri Morishita, who is one of the most beautiful Japanese models we know of.

Why is she wearing a cow bikini and posing with cows? We don’t know. It is strange. Not X-ray porn strange, but strange.