Wednesday Wasabi: Your Hot Dog Wants Kobayashi

Yuri KobayashiHave you heard the latest controversy in the world of competitive eating? Last Monday, as Nathan’s was holding its famous Fourth of July wienerama at Coney Island, past winner Takeru Kobayashi protested his suspension from the competition with his own off-site eat-along in a bar in Manhattan. When the smoke had cleared, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut had devoured 62 dogs in 10 minutes. Just miles away, Kobayashi had scarfed down 69 dogs, which would not only have won the 2011 Mustard Belt, it would also have been a world record.

Well, there is some dispute — maybe it was just 65. You can read about it at Time’s NewsFeed if you like.

But we are not here to talk about hot dogs, are we? If we’re going to ponder a Kobayashi, let’s ponder Yuri Kobayashi.

A word of warning: The images below are very Japanese. Yuri does it all: The Sad Maid, the Happy Kittycat Girl, the Sexually Unaware Schoolgirl in Sailor Suit, the Sexually Unaware Schoolgirl in Gym Uniform, the Girl Showering in Plain One-piece Swimsuit, the Sexually Unaware Schoolgirl Showering in Bikini with Exercise Ball. And then there’s shit like this:

What is that? We don’t even know.

Your hot dog may at first be confused by these images. We’re not saying uninterested, but confused.