Yo JWOW, How Much to Eat Your Bunny?

Hannah Minx JWOWFirst of all, it’s not the JWOW you’re thinking of — it’s Hannah Minx, who has a YouTube show called Japanese Word of the Week (JWOW). And “how much to eat your bunny” is not a euphemism for anything dirty. It is merely the only sentence we can now cobble together in Japanese, using words we learned in her last three episodes.

No, this is not PBS, and you will not be tested on this material. Watch the videos and you will see why we like Hannah so much.

(We have this strange urge to drop a postcard in that mail slot just to see whether it goes all the way to Japan. Might toss in an Elvis CD as well just in case there are any Chilean miners trapped down there. Or Brendan Fraser.)

Domo arigato!