Sexy Ads: Whose Ass is That in My Bed And Why Is She Wearing My T-Shirt?

You’ve been good — you deserve it. We give you the six sexiest ads in recent advertising history. Gotta stay on top of sexy.

1. Whose Ass is That in My Bed And Why is She Wearing My T-Shirt?

We’ve all done it. Awoken the morning after only to realize that a.) we have no idea who we just slept with or b.) we know full well who we slept with and we can’t leave quick enough. During the Super Bowl, T-shirt make Gildan ran an ad that gave us just that scenario except with a twist. In the ad, we’re not quite sure whether the guy is experiencing A or B but he sure wants his Gildan t-shirt back from whomever that woman is in his bed.

2. Agent Provocateur Model Loses Her Pussy

So the whole pussy double entendre thing? Dead, done, gone, right? Nope. Agent Provocateur has dusted it off and is foisting in out face for it Valentine’s Day promotion.

So we have a woman wandering around her house in her lingerie (naturally) who hears a noise outside and her cat screeching. She heads outdoors and catches the attention of a man running by. And oh yes, she asks, “Have you seen my pussy?”

3. Hot Referee Asks “Do You Prefer Head or Tail?”

In the marketing world, there are always a few companies who can’t afford the $3.8 million it costs to advertise during the Super Bowl so they resort to various stunts such as submitting a racy ad to the network and then sending out a press release screaming, “Network Rejects Our Sexy Ad Becasue They Are a Bunch of Bible Thumping Conservatives!” or something like that. Of course, they never intended, no less had the money, to run the ad in the first place. All they want is the publicity.

While Ashley Madison, the site married people go to when they want to have an affair, didn’t exactly submit an ad this year (they have in year’s past), they did place a Super Bowl-themed ad in the San Francisco Examiner for far less than $3.8 million.

The ad carried the headline “Do you Prefer Head or Tail?” atop an image of a hot female dressed as a referee. Oh how wonderfully witty! Head or Tail? Get it? Yea, we thought you did.

4. Candace Swanepoel Wants You to Play on the Beach with Her

You can always count on Victoria’s Secret to deliver the sexy. And the brand does it again, this time, with an ad featuring Candace Swanepole touting the lingerie brand’s Very Sexy bandeau bikini. In the ad, Swanepoel frolics on the beach while giving us “don’t you wish you could have sex with me” looks. Well yes we do my dear but we’re also wise enough to realize that will never happen. We’re still going to look and fantasize though.

5. If Only All Commercials Featured Women With Giant Bouncing Breasts

Okay here’s a funny one. And, unsurprisingly, it’s from Russia which is still obsessed with it’s not-so-newfound ability to use sex to sell just about everything without getting arrested. Sadly, it’s not a real ad but it’s still a lot of fun to watch!

My Favourite Commercial by draco5

6. Jordan Carver, Busty Friends Hype German Electronics Retailer

Jordan Carver and friends headed to Germany for this one. Carver and busty friends frolic in a bedroom to call attention to Redcoon, some sort of online electronics store. Not really much more to say.