What’s the Good Word on Naked Stephy C?

Stephy CThere is a reason why Stephy C is also known as Naked Stephy C. That reason is that she often doesn’t wear any clothes — and it’s just this sort of behavior that will land a nice looking girl in Playboy, in Playboy special editions, and on playboy.com as a Cyber Girl.

But, y’know, a lot of girls are naked. Stephy C has seen a huge swelling in popularity recently and “naked” doesn’t really explain it. There is a word for it, and if you don’t know the word you should, and you should use it in conversation as often as you can. The word is


Starts like “white,” ends like “booty,” and there’s your definition. There are a lot of girls out there right now making a name for themselves off whooty — nobody more than Ice T’s wife Coco. But of all the Twitter campaigns we see to put this girl on the cover of Playboy or that one in the centerfold or give this one her own TV show or make that one president of the company — nobody’s screaming for it any louder than the @NakedStephyC fans. Ok, then, here are some pictures to scream about on #whootywednesday. And the scream goes


(The girl with her in a couple of these pictures is Scarlet Reyn, who is not so much “wh” but has plenty of “ooty.”)