Wednesday Wasabi: Takako Kitahara

takako_kitahara_mainJust a spicy Japanese morsel to get you over hump day. She’s a JAV (Japanese Adult Video) star, which means porn star. What movies has she been in? Here’s what we found:

You have the predictable Great Tasting Big Tits, Illegal Tits Violation, Voluptuous Tits, and the ear-pleasing Tits Abloom.

(Wasn’t that a Robert Frost poem, “Tits Abloom?” “Whose tits these are, I think I know…”).

But don’t think she’s one-dimensional, no — she also made Glossy Ass.

Then there are some titles that may be instructional videos put out by the Department of Labor: Training Meant for Brilliance, Uniform Hunting, Office Lady Older Sister and Teach Me Teacher. Sorry, buddy, no unemployment check for you until you’ve watched all of them.

But we like to see the journey; we like to see human struggles rewarded with comfort and transcendence. So yes, she does have Brute, Slutty Bitch and Indecent Mouth in her filmography. But then there’s Beautiful Healing. Isn’t that nice? Beautiful Healing. We could all use a little more beautiful healing in our lives, couldn’t we? It’s a nurse fetish porno.