Wednesday Wasabi: Super Japanese Girl Christmas Party!

Japanese Girl Christmas Party
Been a while since we’ve done any Wednesday Wasabi for you, but with all the sexy Santa action infecting the site I figured hell, I know these Japanese models dress up as old St. Nick, let’s see what I can find. Turns out it was quite a lot.

We’ll jump into it with a bona-fide festive pop video by Nozomi Sasaki, “Jin Jin Jingle Bell, Merry Christmas.” WARNING: Contains Japanese rappers. If you’re not into cultural studies at the moment and just want to see girls in bikinis, you may want to skip this one.

Jun Natsukawa, a girl in a bikini:

This one’s title is “Sexy Japanese Christmas girl with big boobs,” can you guess what it’s about?:

Finally, China Fukunaga, Akane Suzuki, and Kana Tsugihara in a sexy Christmas video for

And now, 60 pictures of Japanese girls in Santa bikinis, or less: