Wednesday Wasabi: Rio Hamasaki

rio_hamasaki_mainYoung JAV actress — porn star — Rio Hamasaki has made a lot of films in the Japanese adult industry. You name it, she’s done it — teacher, nurse, co-worker, she’s played ‘em all. Yet she seems to have a soft spot for family drama: Won’t You Do It With the Older Sister?; What If Rio Hamasaki Was My Wife?; Father Complex; I Want to Be Done By a Younger Sister With Really Big Tits; In Love With the Father-in-Law Even More Than With the Husband; Rental Wife Violated By Grotesque Men; Rio Hamasaki Will Become Your Wife; and Younger Sister Fascination Journal. Then there are a couple with more specific titles: I Who Was Done By the Pleasantly Plump Young Divorcee Who Has Come Back to the Home of Our Parents and Since the Big Tits Housemaid Came to Our Home, There Has Been Much Mayhem By Messing Around With Her Breasts.

All in good fun! Well, except for the violating grotesque men. We won’t go into the rest of her filmography — you can Google it yourself, and if you’d like more targeted results try throwing in “semen slave,” “bursting tits,” or “nakadashi,” which is a term we’ll also let you look up yourself.

We’re just thinking aloud here, but — how come such cute Japanese girls make some of the most depraved porn you’ll ever see? A lot of western porn stars, you look at them, with their bolt-on boob jobs, tramp stamps, body piercings, tacky fashion choices and general roughness around the edges, and you think — Ok, “semen slave,” I can understand that. That’s a believable character for this prematurely withered former midwestern farmer’s daughter. (This is an unfair generalization, we know.)

Japanese porn consumers, it seems, like their adult actresses to appear more pure and innocent than western porn consumers do. And then they take these little porcelain angels and do nastier things to them — really, debasement that verges on abuse sometimes. We haven’t necessarily watched this Japanese cinema (it’s not available in the US), and generally our interest is more in the theory of porn than its consumption, but it’s food for thought.

And food for thought is tedious. You didn’t necessarily come to this site for food for thought, did you? Instead, feast your eyes upon the innocent vixenry that is Rio Hamasaki: