Wednesday Wasabi: Mikie Hara Sparkles in the Dark

Mikie HaraDude, have you been to Wikipedia today? Dark! Reddit? Dark! Dark! They’re censoring themselves in an act of protest against the lame-ass bills SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) Congress was trying to pass. Under the bills, the government could order service providers to block access to any site found to be in violation, or prevent the site from making any advertising revenue. Oh, and the government could also force other sites (say, Google) to remove all links to violating sites.

Sure, we can understand why internet piracy has the entertainment giants pissed off, but these bills are so poorly conceived that they might as well be called “Because I Said So.” Virtually every site — including this one — is in violation of the letter of these laws. Under SOPA or PIPA, the government could basically shut down YouTube for unauthorized movie mashups, for unauthorized babes, or for unauthorized cheezburgers. (We’re not saying the U.S. government would do these things—we’re saying that the laws as initially written would allow it to.)

How do we defend out precious Internet against the dark forces of Big Hollywood and an overzealous government?

Dunno, maybe these pictures of Mikie Hara wearing sparkly bikinis will help.

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