Wednesday Wasabi: Kokomi Sakura


Meet Kokomi Sakura, another fairly adorable JAV (Japanese adult video) star who does filthy things for consumers’ enjoyment. Yet to our eyes, this one doesn’t have that super-young look that gives her the extra creep appeal. If she wears the schoolgirl outfit, it’s pretty clear she’s a women of legal age in a costume (we’ll throw in a link to our girls of St. Mackenzie’s post here, if only to make the point that the schoolgirl look is not exclusively a Japanese phenomenon). Our source has her appearing in a series of films caled “Perfect Body,” which we feel is completely appropriate:

Perfect Body – Complete Intoxication Lewdness
Perfect Body – Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sex
Perfect Body – Kokomi’s Beautiful Ass Will Be Shown Thoroughly
Perfect Body – Scolding Dirty Language, I Want to Be Reproofed Gently By a Beautiful Young Lady
Perfect Body – Single Male Virgin Hostel, Manager’s Really Great Hip-Shaking
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – A Woman Who Will Come Via Deep Vaginal Penetration
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – Cowgirl-Style Fuck Infatuation
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – Lewd Flesh
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – Tempting Big Tits Female Teacher
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – The Very Lewd Young Wife Next Door
Perfect Body x Risky Mosaic – Twenty Costumes Pakopako!

It always gets back to the teachers and young wives, doesn’t it? NOTE: “Pakopako” is some kind of costume thing — pakopako videos will tout how many different costumes the girl wears. “Mosaic” refers to the pixelation over the genitals that is required in Japanese porn. Japanese titles often boast how subtle the pixelation is, how it tests the bounds of legality (thus it is “risky” — as in you’d better buy this DVD before the censors raid our warehouses). Like scrambled porn on cable, if you squint you can aaaaaalllmost see what you’re not supposed to.

Hey, different country, different rules.

You’ll have the underboob deluxe and a panty roll? Very good choice sir. Thu underboob comes with your choice of a bowl of wedgie or a shower salad. You’ll have both? It’s a dollar extra, but well worth it.