We Like to See Girls of This…Caliber

Hot Shots 2011

We are a full week into November, and for glamour/bikini/pinup babes that means the 2011 calendars are out and available for purchase. Makes a great Christmas gift, keeps on giving all year round, and all that other mutha jazz. Here’s an interesting one, and it’s for a good cause: Hot Shots 2010, a collection of girls with guns, with proceeds going to the UK charity Help for Heroes. These are not your sweethearts of the local gun club–this is name-brand glam: Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Amii Grove, Sam Cooke, Emma Glover, Kelly Hall and Stacey Massey, all of whom regularly appear on the covers of Brit men’s mags like Nuts and Zoo. Enjoy the video, and the pictures, and consider shelling out a few clams for the troops.

(Perhaps not your country’s troops, but troops on the same team. The good guys. The not-al Qaeda guys. Have a little faith–we would never recommend you buy a calendar in support of al Qaeda. Because, frankly, we do not think their bikini models would be as nice as these.)

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