Want to Star Alongside Pam Anderson in a Mini-Film?

Pamela Anderson Nokia N8

Well, of course you do. But, be advised, this gig probably involves more than just hovering over her shoulder, panting like the little boy that you are when she’s in the vicinity.

As part of a campaign promoting their new N8 smartphone, Nokia just announced the production of a short feature film starring Pam and that guy from that gossip show, filmed entirely with the Nokia N8. They’re also hosting a contest for one fan to win a role in the film, just by hitting “like” on Nokia UK’s Facebook status.

It may not be V.I.P. or Barb Wire, but, rest assured, you want this part. It’s easier than climbing her fence and snapping a pic of her boobs with your iPhone, anyhow.

[Star With Pam]