Video: The McAfee Guide to Uninstalling McAfee Antivirus


Every single time you flip open your laptop the reminder to renew your “free” McAfee Anti-virus bogs you down, annoys you, looks ugly, keeps you from doing that shit you do? You gotta keep hitting “later” because you can’t log off that shit forever because it’s been wired to make your life miserable?

What does McAfee do? It does your taxes while it fucks your accountant.


It blinks you into epileptic seizures.

It makes you think this world is worse than Lord of the Flies bad, because it’s the little annoying things that get us. It’s okay to feel that way. We all do.


Until today. The real John McAfee (how do you spell that again?) comes out of hiding and gives us this: The uninstallment guide. (Sorta.) With naked ladies. (Sorta.) It’s funny. (Sorta.)

Naked ladies. (Ish.)