Video Dump: The Sexiest Show You’re Probably Missing

Every Thursday on Showtime, there’s a show called The Real L Word that you’ve probably been missing out on and as your good friend, we just can’t let that happen. The Real L Word is a spin off of the highly successful lesbian drama The L Word, only this time, it’s a reality show following real life lesbians. This season, the drama takes place on both west and east coast in what ultimately culminates as the sexiest Real L Word season to date. Drama, relationships, career, marriage, fights, and hook-ups (which means lots of real girl-on-girl action!), The Real L Word provides an interesting peek at the lives of everyday women who just happen to love loving other women, just like you.

Here’s six video clips of what’s soon to be your favorite show on Thursday nights.

The Real L Word trailer

The Real L Word: East coast vs. West coast

Get to know the cast of Season 3

Whitney & Sara

Hottest Real L Word episode ever?

Behind the scenes for The Real L Word

The Real L Word season 3