Video Dump: Savoring the Sexy, Hot Girls in Slow Motion

We’d like to say that we put together this post with a deeper more meaningful reason in mind rather than just gratuitously showcasing beautiful women moving around in slow motion. We would like to say that the idea for this post was inspired by something other than seeing a Youtube video of Kate Upton walking slowly down the runway. Yes, we would like to say that, but then we would be lying.

Here’s 6 videos we found of sexy women doing a variety of things in slow motion for absolutely no good reason except for that it’s super hot.

Skipping slow motion

Slow motion Gisele, Karolina, Alessandra

Kate Upton commercial

Hot girl in slow motion

Sexy Rugby (the slow motion bikini model version)

Kate Upton in slow motion again? Sure, why not?

Hot girl in ice cream fight