Video Dump: Playboy’s “Burlesque Beauty,” Ms. Gigi Marie

Nothing will make your head turn like a girl dangling from ropes from the ceiling. This is a scientific fact which we back up by proffering the following vids as proof. See how nimble this lady is? Watch her do her acrobatics! See how she dances? Lady does her burlesque thing mighty, mighty fine.

She also shimmies by the ocean, and does photo shoots for Playboy.

In case you were wondering.

Because Gigi Marie (the best name) is a versatile woman. Don’t believe us? Seriously? Okay then, watch the vids. Watch them all. See what we’re talking about.

The Sun Burns Crimson Bright – Ms Gigi Marie

Gigi Marie Posing in Playboy’s Burlesque Beauty Amateur Shoot

Above Falling Rain — Ms. Gigi Marie