Video Dump: Kelsey Darragh vs. Oyster + Plenty of “Truth or Derragh”

Is Kelsey Darragh THE ultimate woman? Thank you for asking: You know this is our field of expertise. Let us take a moment to study Ms. Darragh’s qualifications for perfection: She’s totally hot, completely raunchy, and she’s not afraid to play Truth or Dare with her friends… in front of a camera. Where does that get her, ratings-wise? Wait — hang on, the Russians are calling.

We have a 10/10 from the Russian judges.

We have to agree with the reds. Watching Kelsey Darragh swallow an oyster, get her armpit licked and belching — long and loud — is one of life’s finer pleasures.

No, we are not being sarcastic.

There’s only one Kelsey Darragh, but here’s four videos of her being one hundred percent awesome. Enjoy her.

Kelsey Darragh vs. Oyster

Truth or Darragh Episode 5- Joe’s Daily

Truth or Darragh Episode 6- Exotic Jess (Feat. Joe Nation)

Truth or Darragh Episode 4- Kylie Sparks (Squaresville)