Video Dump: Kate Upton Goes Old Hollywood… Sorta

Video Dump: Kate Upton Goes Old Hollywood

You can trust TSJ to keep you abreast of everything you need to know Kate Upton. Remember when she ate a hamburger? Remember when she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Remember everything she did on Terry Richardson’s blog? You remember that.

Here’s the beaut with everyone’s fave “Cat Daddy” hump and jiggle getting her glam on to some old school “It Had to Be You” jazz for German Vogue. This ain’t no all trussed up in grampy duds Annie Hall version of the tune. Oh, no. Director Bruce Weber gives us some topless hand bras. Some mighty suggestive squirting water. And plenty o’ skimpy getups. But to classy tuneage and beautiful photography. Cheeky and sexy. That’s what’s going on.

This Kate Upton girl looks smokin’ eight days a week. True dat.

Kate Upton: It Had to Be You


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