Video Dump: In Which We Pay Homage to Kate Upton

Who knows what it is about Kate that literally drops jaws as fast as it raises… ah… eyebrows.

Is it that smile? That hair? Or her sweet personali–HAHAHAHAHAHA! We all know why everyone wants to fap over this girl, so let’s just go ahead and give in to her magical bouncing orbs. Here’s videos of Kate and her boobs in barely-there bikini tops, being amazing.

You’re welcome.

Kate Upton in slow motion! 

Kate Upton NOT in slow motion! (Bikini top hangs on for dear life)

Kate Upton: Super boobs

Wait. What’s this commercial about?

Kate Upton speaks… don’t worry, she’s still in a bikini

Kate Upton dances. Yeah, that’s it. Why are you still reading this? Click play!