Video Dump: How to Be a Booty-shaking Judge

It never fails, at any event where there’s a lot of attractive people, music and booze, there’s bound to be a contest for the ladies. Normally, it’s your average bikini contest or wet t-shirt contest, which is all fine and good but nothing shows off a girls assets like… well, a girl shaking her assets. To be honest, we don’t know exactly what the judges would be looking for in a booty shaking contest. Does the size of the booty count along with the ‘booty shake’ and if it is indeed strictly for how the girl ‘shakes’ her booty, are we looking at how the speed of the shake? The bounce factor? What if the booty is shaking resembles less of a dance and more of a seizure?

It seems like you would have to have a keen eye and vast knowledge about what the booty shake is all about before judging one of these things, which is why we have 6 booty shaking videos for you to observe and study carefully. That way, if you’re ever at a party and you’re suddenly called upon to do the difficult task of being a judge, you can be confident in knowing that you’re  more than prepared.

2010 Anaheim dub show booty shake competition

BootyShake contest 2010

2011 Bikelanta booty shake contest

PCB springbreak booty shaking contest

Bikini & booty shaking contest

Booty shake 2 *NSFW-ish

Booty shaking contest hosted by DJ Kay Slay