Video Dump: Coming Right Up! …Hooters Girls!

Video Dump: Hooters Girls

You read Playboy for the articles and you go to Hooters for the wings. Right! We believe you. What: They have good beer! You like wings! You wish you could make wings like that at home, and if you could, you would! We know!

Unfortunately this post has very little information about wings, or beer, or cooking, or seating arrangement. We’re really sorry about that. But it’s just that the recipes weren’t sexy.  And these videos – just lollygagging on YouTube — were.

Yes, we confess: This post is mostly about boobs in Hooters T-shirts.

Happy weekend!

Hooters Chair Rodeo

Hooters International Pageant

Hooters Girl Hula Hoop

How to Be a Hooters Girl