Vida Guerra Takes Sexy Pictures for a Sexy Photographer

Vida Guerra by Krystle Lina
When two of our favorite ladyfriends get together to take pictures, it’s news. When Playboy-model-turned photographer Krystle Lina gets Playboy-cover-girl-turned-fitness-model Vida Guerra oiled up and bikini-fied, and sends us pictures and video, we thank the cosmic forces of the universe. This is truly a Marvel Team-Up of titanic hotness.

“Vida is so sexy because she has a beautiful body and attitude,” Krystle tells us. “I have always looked up to her as a model. In fact, I was even in her Playboy issue — it was just a picture of me at a Mansion party.”

And when we (of course) ask about Vida’s most famous feature, Krystle doesn’t mince her words: “Vida has the perfect booty!”

Kinda funny to hear Krystle go on about female perfection — check out this post and this post, as well as Krystle’s Tumblr for evidence of Krystle’s own pretty-damn-awesomeness.

In fact… we feel there is more to this story. While Krystle was taking these awesome pictures of Vida — shouldn’t there have been someone there just taking awesome pictures of Krystle? Seems like a no-brainer. Maybe next time. Volunteers?