Vida Guerra Returns to Your Local Newsstand

Vida GuerraDoes the name Vida Guerra ring a bell?

Vida was one of the hottest models of the 2000s, ogled obsessively by readers of FHM and later Playboy. She gained a reputation for having the most shapely butt in the — well, in the entire world, really. At the height of Vidamania you really could not argue that anyone was better.

If you’ve taken a ook at your local newsstand, you night have noticed: Vida’s back, and she’s a cover girl again! You can see her on the front of the Muscle Magazine Bikini Issue. High time we got an update on everyone’s favorite Cuban export, don’t you think?

Vida! Hard to believe it’s been nearly seven years since you were on the cover of Playboy. What have you been up to?

I took some time off to discover myself and the world, to really examine what was good for me, bad for me and how I can give back. In 2011 I decided to compete in a NPC body building contest and I won first and overall which qualified me to compete at the national level. In June 2012 I won my pro card which now makes me an IFBB bikini professional. I have worked on a couple of films and some music, as well as my own line of fitness supplements; I have been a busy girl!

How does the fitness modeling relate to your career in glamour modeling? Do you see this as a major change in what you do and how you present yourself?

This was another side of me I wanted to discover, something I started doing before the glamour modeling. I love to challenge myself and work hard to get better each day. I started this in 2000 and never saw it through, so I felt it was time to revisit it. I don’t like leaving things incomplete. I wouldn’t label myself as a fitness model or a glamour model. I’m just myself either way you slice me. Labeling yourself limits you, puts into a box without any room for growth.

There are some preconceived notions that your average guy has about the term “fitness model” — perhaps we should get this out in the open. How would you respond to fans who might be concerned that your famous curves might get less curvy now that you’re focused on fitness?

I’m not focused on fitness modeling — I’m exploring the benefits of it and trying to see the positive and negative sides. I’m actually curvier now! I don’t follow the normal fitness routines and diets that are out there. I’ve customized my own regimen and I have a supplement line called Vida Force that allows me to be sexy, curvy, fit and have a healthy mind, body, and soul. I’m curvier now than ever baby! So to answer your question, just because one seeks a better fit lifestyle, doesn’t mean one has to sacrifice losing their curves.

You explored some entertainment options some time ago, including music and acting. Can you comment on your experiences, and do you plan to pursue either in the future?

It’s been an amazing experience I have always continued to act and create music. Soon you will get to see all my bodies of work.

Your Playboy issue was one of the best sellers of the 2000s. Was there ever talk of a sequel?

I can’t say anything about that.

If Hugh Hefner called you right now and asked you to come do another cover pictorial, what would you say?

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Do you have a couple of favorite fitness tips you’d like to share?

Listen to your body, drink lots of water, and start eating clean. Also never give up hope, it takes time. There will be more info on my fitness website launching soon.

You’re on the cover of the Muscle Magazine Bikini Issue — on newsstands now. Do you have any other photo shoots or videos in the works, for print or online?

Yes, I’m on the cover of Muscle Magazine, I also have a 6 page spread in Muscular Development and a featured Day in the Life spread in Muscle and Fitness for Her.

What’s the status of, and will we see you in any other media?

My website will be up soon, I’m making sure that what I put out is exactly what I want. I will be shooting 3 films this year and am loaning my voice to another video game in the next few months. Busy girl — but I love it and I am so thankful for all my opportunities.

Finally — do you do appearances at fitness events? If so, for fans who want to meet you in person — what is your upcoming schedule?

They can follow me on twitter @vidaguerra and for information on all my upcoming appearances.

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