Nice to See Ya, Vida!

On Saturday, Vida Guerra celebrated her birthday.

Vida Guerra… Vida Guerra… why do we know that name? What is she — Brazilian volleyballer? Mexican pop star? Puerto Rican girl who’s just dying to meet you?

Oh, no Vida Guerra — we remember now! Cuban babe, most famous ass model of the 2000s, appeared on the cover of Playboy in 2006 and then — disappeared? Well, she didn’t totally and immediately disappear. But let’s just say her official site advertises her 2010 calendar and insists “new website coming soon.” Hmm, “soon” as in late 2009?

But Vida is, we think, alive and Tweeting. And she has started a Twitpic page too, to which she’s published the booty picture above, two pictures of small dogs, and a snap from her birthday party.

Oh, and then there’s this. New Vida PETA ad with tasteful implied nudity. Is Vida back? We hope.