Victoria Belle: The Cleavage Speaks!

Okay, that headline sounds a little bit overly objectifying — Victoria Belle is of course a person, not just cleavage. Let us explain.

March 30th was (apparently) National Cleavage Day, and we did a post rounding up all the pretty pictures ladies had so proudly tweeted of their cleavage. Our post ended with, as we said at the time, “an impressive seven-pic run by Victoria Belle. Somebody get us her email, we like the enthusiasm…”

So here we are. A girl previously known to us as Victoria “Impressive Cleavage” Belle is now a real person with thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams. For more of her, fan/follow her on Facebook/Twitter and visit her official site

A nickname I have had: My nickname in High School was Big Titty Tori (BTT for short). I went from a B cup to a D cup in a matter of months and everyone noticed — I hated it at first but I can laugh about it now!

I’m a nerd about: History! I am actually finishing up my history degree and hoping to attend law school.

Please worship my: Mind. You can’t just have my body and neglect my mind.

Try not to stare at my: Eyes. You may fall in love.

I would rather have a root canal than: Wake up early in the morning.

Sex is: Wild, hot, and steamy with me!

My greatest weakness: A pair of beautiful eyes!

If I went into porn, my name would be: Sasha Calle.

If I was a Bond girl, my name would be: Tits O’Hurley.

Food that turns me on: Caramel.

I don’t understand why people think I’m: Intimidating. I’m the sweetest girl ever.

Something cool about having boobs: They keep my hands warm in the winter.

The funniest comedian is: Bernie Mac.

People tell me I look like: The singer Brandy.

I’m too sexy for my: Clothes! Seriously I only wear them because I have to.

I wish people would stop tweeting about their: Sorry-ass boyfriends.

When I was 8 years old I thought I would be: A veterinarian.

I’ll let you know I’m feeling frisky by: Rubbing and kissing the nape of your neck.

My super power: The ability to be in two places at once.

I am completely freaked out by: Weird hands. If your hands are gross I don’t want them on me.

A type of ladies’ underwear I don’t enjoy wearing is: Super-small thongs — I’d rather just go commando.

My most recent wardrobe malfunction was: Exposing my bum in a tight little white dress at a party while I was dirty dancing with friend!

My relationship with spectator sports is: I love college basketball! I am a die-hard UNC Tarheels fan!

The most interesting compliment I ever got from a stranger is: “I love your nose.” I was like “Huh?! I mean thank you!”

My secret weapon: My long luscious legs.

If I were to go that way, my lesbian lover would be: I definitely do swing that way and my celeb girl crush is Mila Kunis.

Song I am most likely to play turned up to 11: Future, “Gone to the Moon”! It gets me so hype!

My backup career if this whole “being pretty” thing doesn’t work out (and why): Lawyer.

Last time I ate way too much was at: Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Atlanta — it ws delicious!

The worst bender of my life: Was on my 20th birthday. I was twasted! It was really bad I was too sick the next day all I could do was barf and sleep! Never again!

The best thing I learned from an ex-boyfriend was: Spending time apart is just as important as spending time together.

The first time I can remember feeling sexy was: After I got my braces taken off — nothing is sexier than a pretty smile.

A grown man should not: Have cartoon sheets on his bed!