Veronika Kotlajic Kicks Nerd Ass

veronica mainVeronika Kotlajic is as much muse as model — she’s taken a lot of sexy photographs, and a lot of those have inspired sexy fantasy paintings and digital artwork. “As a model, I have been in Playboy three times, was selected as One of the Top 5 Fantasy Models by AskMen, was the lead video game character for the #1 RPG Videogame of 2005, have had two action figures based on my likeness, starred in my own comic book, and had a book of my modeling work published by Heavy Metal Magazine and another by Wizards of the Coast.” This multitasking nerd icon has her own modeling site (, couture line (, gallery ( and web design biz (


ETHNICITY: German & Serbian

SKIN TONE: Porcelain (Germans don’t tan. They do beer, pretzels and invade.)

LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: Right — but I can work both equally well in compromising positions!

NICKNAME: Perfect Muse, Nika, V, Supertard

ATHLETIC ABILITY: I have experience in tae kwon do, weapons training, fencing and boxing. I’m definitely not a wallflower.

HIGH SCHOOL EXTRACURRICULARS: Rockettes, Track and (don’t laugh) — German folk dancing

VOTED MOST LIKELY TO: Dance to the beat of their own drum

DAY JOB: Fashion designer/art gallery owner/web designer/assassin

DREAM JOB: Superhero

WORST JOB EVER HELD: Waitress. I think everyone should work in the food industry at some point to appreciate what a shitty job it can be.

USELESS SKILLS: Did I mention the German folk dancing?

OBSESSIONS: Weapons and small furry animals, not together though.

I AM THE IDEAL WOMAN BECAUSE: I am a guy’s girl. I am a nerd at heart, who loves football, playing pool, cooking, playing video games and dressing up!


IDOL: Aeon Flux, a scantily clad model/assassin and overall badass.

IDEAL OF FEMININE BEAUTY: Angelina Jolie back when she was hot

SEXIEST NUDE MODEL: All of the Supermodels in the George Michael “Freedom” Video. Damn that was hot.

FAVORITE ALBUM: Mezzanine by Massive Attack

THE WEIRDEST OR MOST UNUSUAL PHOTO SHOOT I’VE EVER DONE: Being splattered with paint while on top of a canvas as a tribute to Jackson Pollock. The paint was in each and every crevice.

SEXIEST UNDERWEAR: None — especially under a dress.

PREFERRED PANTIES: The ones on the floor.

WHAT I WEAR TO BED: Nothing. If you’re cold in bed then there are much better ways to warm up!

FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP: Take a hot steamy bath.

MY BEST FEATURE: My eyes or my breasts.

WHAT MEN LOVE ABOUT ME: My breasts first, then my confidence.

FAVORITE SWIMSUIT: Skinny dipping. ‘Nuff said!

EVER BEEN TO A NUDE BEACH?: Any beach I go to becomes a nude beach.

EVERYDAY ACTIVITY I HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO DO NAKED: Just about anything. I have even been known to use power tools naked, other than safety goggles.

DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH PORN?: I’d rather create my own with my man.

GROOMING DOWN THERE: Lickably smooth — who likes chapped lips?

Besides the erogenous zones, I love having my back stroked.

MY PHILOSOPHY OF SEX: Sex should be exciting and spontaneous. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

MY PHILOSOPHY OF LOVE: Love makes you do silly things and makes the world go round.

MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Grab life by the balls and take it for a wild ride.

I SHOULD BE ON THE COVER OF PLAYBOY BECAUSE: I would be the first fantasy art muse/comic book nerd/assassin to grace the Playboy cover.