Girl on Girl: Veronica LaVery and Jessica Vaugn

veronica lavery mainVeronica LaVery is a face you’ll recognize if you are a regular on TSJ and Veronica is an exotic beauty I met while shooting for Maxim Espanol in June. She is Playboy’s June Cyber Girl of the Month, and a great one at that! You can also Czech her out in the July issue of Maxim US en Espanol (with Rosie Huntington on the cover) available on select newsstands.


Vrchlabí, Czech Republic. Currently living in Los Angeles, California.




I’m Slovak, Polish, and Irish. Born and raised in the Czech Republic

What magazines have we seen you in?

Maxim En Espanol, Bizarre Magazine, Inked Girls, Noir magazine, Prick magazine, local magazines in Northern Cali and a bunch of Tattoo magazines.

Congrats on Cyber Girl of the month! I bet that was exciting after making Cyber Girl of the week!

“LaVery” exciting and unexpected. I still feel like I look way too different than the other girls in the Playboy Cyber Club.

You’ve been a vegan for 4 years. Is it hard? Any food you miss? Do you recommend it to us?

I was vegetarian 2 yrs before that actually, so the transition to veganism wasn’t that big of a difference. My diet has just changed over the past year, I added sea food into my diet and occasionally eggs, so I can say I’m a 90% vegan right now. It feels more healthy!

Do you sleep naked or clothed?

I wish I could sleep naked all the time but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes my blanket is way too itchy so I do need to have something on to avoid it!!

What do you miss most about living in Europe?

The whole atmosphere, historical buildings everywhere, Czech beer, relying on a public transportation without worrying about having a car, nature, and of course my friends and family.

What is one thing you love about America?

Endless opportunities, and (vegan) brownies!

Tell me about the best date a guy has ever taken you on!

I think all those “first dates” were somewhat exciting, I’m always gonna remember the first impressions I got after meeting my ex boyfriends for the first time.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I go pee..oh well, I usually run.

What is one modeling goal you have yet to accomplish?

I’d like to be known more internationally and of course get my name back to Europe and Czech Republic.

Playboy Radio Morning Show, that’s a fun group of people! What did you guys talk about the day you were on the air?

Every other question on the air was just sexually oriented!

Who is your modeling hero?

I wouldn’t call them “heroes,” but my favorites are the Victoria’s Secret models.

I know you have an acting background from college. Will you ever try and get big acting roles while you’re here in Hollywood? I know you’d look amazing on the big screen!

I think I’ll be working on getting back to acting soon, I just moved to LA so it just needs some time and practice. Acting in my own language would be so much easier.

If you were to become the sex slave for anyone in the world, who would you want to own you?

I think I’d pick more than just one “master,” I’d need at least three!

What are the traits of your ideal man?

Funny, ambitious, successful, adventurous, supportive, nice, sweet, loving, caring, sexy and exotic.

Photographers ask models to do some crazy things! Tell me about the worst shoot you’ve ever been on.

When guys try to get too much into your “space,” leaving stupid comments, or just discourage you, and don’t have a sense of humor. I’ve met individuals like that, not fun at all.

You tweeted this week Justin Timberlake was at the hotel you were staying. How exciting was that? Did you want to talk to him?

I didn’t have a chance to meet him, unfortunately, and I’m sure he had to change his room to avoid some random girls knocking on his door pretty quickly. But I’ve met many other great people from the industry which was great!

If you were not modeling, what would you be doing professionally?

I think I’d concentrate more on Interior Design and Business and/or Anthropology and working with animals in general. All of the above are still my hobbies and I might get back into it later on anyway.

Where can we keep up with you online?