Vanessa Veasley Is a Slickforce Girl! What’s a Slickforce Girl?

Vanessa Veasley

Photographer Nick Saglimbeni has something up his sleeve, and we are slowly getting the idea. He’s put up a site called Slickforce Girl, and he’s been releasing teaser images — we’re seeing cleavage, uniforms, a little bit of classic pinup goodness with some secret agent danger and international allure for good measure.

Cleavagey Asian babe in wetsuit? Nick has that. Cleavagey Latina fighter pilot? Nick has that. Cleavagey white girl firefighter? Nick has that. Cleavagey Persian beauty in a bikini top? Nick has that.

And then there’s TSJ friend (and hardcore blerd) Vanessa Veasley. Nick sent us some pictures and video last night and if we didn’t know better we’d say she’s a cleavagey astronaut.

It’s a pity Neil Armstrong didn’t live to see his feat re-enacted with such cleavage, but we have a feeling he’s watching from up there in heaven, and smiling.

Slickforce Girl launches September 12. Stay tuned.