Girl on Girl: Vanessa Veasley and Jessica Vaugn

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Meet Vanessa! She is a down to earth curvy beauty who is confident and snowballing her way to a collection of magazine covers and music videos! Read on to hear her take on the personality of Kanye, naughty boy toy international fashion photographer Terry Richardson and how she likes to Nerd Out!!


5’8″, 36D-24-40



You’ve done every urban magazine known to the US (Lowrider Girls, KING, XXL, Source, SHOW, Smooth, Smooth Girl, Hip-Hop Weekly, Urban Ink, SHOWCase). What’s next from you as far as magazines go?

I’m doubling back for a cover of one of those publications soon, and as far as magazines I haven’t worked with yet, I’d love to shoot with Complex.

How awesome you shot with world famous Terry Richardson! That’s really a great thing for a model to get to do, let alone a model who works mostly outside the realm of fashion. I have to ask, what was your experience like and did he live up to his reputation, or did he behave?

He was totally sane with me. Given his reputation I was prepared for the worst, but he was super cool and humorous. It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Are you a Mac or PC person?

I’m into both. I have a Dell desktop, Lenovo, HP Mini, and Compaq laptops, an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and a handful of iPods… Yes. I’m an electronics whore.

You have a shape men chase and a body women want! What’s your routine for keeping yourself so wonderfully dippy yet tight?

Thank you! I love my curves, hate to workout, and love snacks. I think most women are like me. The trick is just to stay active and enjoy yourself in moderation. I walk, jog, go bowling, hiking, swimming. I mix it up so I don’t get bored.

I love your positive Tweets! My favorite thing you Tweeted to your followers was this: “I double dog dare you to cut off everyone who isn’t worthy of your time… Go! *twirls in slow motion*”

This really spoke to me, and I’m sure it impacted many others too! Where do you find inspiration and how do you emotionally/mentally refuel?

It may seem complicated on the surface, but I live a very simple life. I don’t let “industry” rules and attitudes warp what I truly believe in. I believe in fairness, treating people the way I expect them to treat me, and I never steal, cheat, or play dirty. I’m good to people, so for the most part I’ve been treated well.

What bedroom and relationship advice do you have for guys?

I think most guys over a certain age have their trademark moves that they think work on everyone. The key to really pleasing someone though is your willingness to unlearn some old habits and try new things.

Nerd Alert! Sci-fi, comic books and art, anime, and cartoons are some of your favorite things! What do you do to let loose your inner nerd?

I usually just pop in one of my favorite Sci-Fi DVDs when I can. I don’t get to watch as much TV as I’d like but Fringe is always on my DVR. I’ve also started collecting original comic art. On my website I let my BLERDy side out & blog about geeky topics as well…

Should we look out for you at conventions?

It sucks because Comic-Con & Dragon-Con both fell into schedule conflicts with work this year. Hopefully next year I can merge the two!

If a man wanted to grab your attention at a club, what things might he do?

I’ve had guys try everything from stopping the music & grabbing the mic, to sending me bottles. But it’s still the club, and I just have a phobia about dating anyone I meet in a club.

You’ve been in videos with top R&B artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Mike Jones, Bobby Valentino, etc. Share your thoughts about your music video experience and the artists as people!

All the music videos I’ve featured in seem to have been more professional than the stigma they carry. The artists usually have their own holding area from the talent. So my bond on set is usually with the glam squad or other feature talent. I’m good at feeling someone’s energy though, so even in the small amount of time I worked with Kanye on two videos I can tell he’s definitely not the pariah the media makes him out to be.

Thongs, boy shorts, other?

Totally depends on my mood or what clothes I’m wearing. But I love boy shorts and going au natural.

Tell us! If you had a hundred million dollars, how would you spend your first million?

Recklessly of course.

Who is on your hero list?

Pam Grier, Brooke Burke, Paula Deen, Mae West, Wonder Woman, and my Mommy.

Would you rather have a huge house in the burbs or stunning condo downtown?

Crazy because done both lately. I love suburban life and having a backyard, but I miss the convenience of condo living. Especially being a single woman with no kids, a house can become a bit of a headache.

As a self made successful brand, what advice do you have for anyone out there trying to break out and achieve their goals?

Do you. Everyone is going to have an opinion or advice on your path but only you know deep down what is right for you. Learn everything you can, and when you are tired of working, keep working!

Where can we stalk you online?

Twitter: @VanessaVeasley