RhoPhotos is Bringing SexyBook

Urban Xhibition magazinePhotographer Ransom Rockwood (Twitter: RhoPhotos), whom I’ve profiled before as a master of super-sexy shots of curvy babes (Stephy C and Mileena Hayes are two of his favorite models) now thinks he’s a publisher. Yeah, now he’s putting out his own magazine* of his work, Urban Xhibition, and it’s 88 pages of sexy, curvy, often very shiny women, and well, he’s probably pretty proud of himself.

As he should be. Cover to cover—and I’ve seen it in its entirety—this stuff is freakin’ hot. It’s nude glamour photography that kicks you in the nuts, motorboats you, and leaves a crumpled-up $50 on your dresser in the morning. Just the 26-page preview on MagCloud is enough to leave you feeling violated. FYI, it’s “The Wet Issue.”

*Magazine might not be the right word anymore. It’s available in digital form for a modest fee; for a few dollars more you get basically a coffee table book o’ high glam T&A (with the digital version thrown in).