TwitPic Theater: We’re Calling this Shindig a Pajama Party

TwitPic theater is a collection of the sexiest pictures posted by Playmates and Playboy models from the week. Take a peek into the sexy lives of the girls at photo shoots, on nights out, and more.

Bathtub? Check. Sunglasses? Check. @AmandaCerny, whatever your plans are, we like them.

We salute you, @Ciara_Price.

Lost Boy gets found: @Corey_Feldman peace-outs @CrystalHarris.

Was this a pajama party? Tell us it was a pajama party, @deannabrooks.

@FrancescaFrigo looks like this when she wakes up.

@hiromioshima workin’ it.

@Jaclyn_Swedberger blows a big, pink bubble.

@LeolaBell puts her pretty feet up.

@SaraUnderwood gets elvish with it.

@TrishaFrick et al. show their patriotism. We support their support.