TwitPic Theater: Truth or Dare?

TwitPic Theater

TwitPic theater is a collection of the sexiest pictures posted by Playmates and Playboy models from the week. Take a peek into the sexy lives of the girls at photo shoots, on nights out, and more.


@barbaramoore10 shows off her toned gams.


Total doll face: @Ciara_Price

@hiromioshima, @carmenelectra, @kimphillips9_09

@hiromioshima, @carmenelectra, @kimphillips9_09 bunny up.


@AmandaCerny pre her 4 x wisdom tooth extraction!!


@CrystalHarris shows us a collage of her fave faces.


@FrancescaFrigo feels the breeze.


@TiffanyTothxoxo dines with the Playboy models.


Some truth of dare going on? @SaraUnderwood can make men take their pants off.


@ssmeow will make you purr.