TwitPic Theater Snow Bikinis, Kim Kardashian, Dead Sea Mud, Mansion Workout Edition

I sure shot my mouth off last week when I called it the Best Ever Edition. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Where do you go from there? Up! The pressure was on so I took an extra day scouring the internet for the hottest pictures tweeted by the web’s most beautiful women. Was I a success? Stop reading and start scrolling to find out!


@AnnaSophiaB braved the snow in her bikini just to bring us an amazingly sexy photo shoot.

@NightingaleX2We’re not sure why @NightingaleX2 tweeted this, but it looks like she might be at the mall and we applaud her taking a break from shopping or going about her day to tweet this important image.

@kimkardashianThis week @kimkardashian tweeted an image that was beyond sexy and only serves to remind us that she is definitely one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

@DaphneJoy@DaphneJoy in pink work out duds makes us want to hit the gym. Now.



@FeliciaGomez posted a dirty picture this week when she covered herself in mud from the Dead Sea, but cleaned things up nicely with a little swimming tweet later in the day.

@KristinaShn1@KristinaShn1‘s tweets from the gym at the Playboy Mansion are becoming the stuff of legend. This is one workout plan we can stick to.

@AMBERLEIGHC shows off her sparkly iPhone. At least, I think that’s the point of this picture. Either that or the stunning lingerie. You decide.

@JessicaBurciaga @junebunny06 @patricehollis @jessalynnhinton@JessicaBurciaga @junebunny06 @patricehollis @jessalynnhinton were at Playboy for a photo shoot last week and managed to tweet out a ton of photos to their fans.

@RealKDanielleSexy sailor @RealKDanielle tweeted from the high seas.

@tiffanyselby got badass on some motorbikes with @crystalmccahil

@Jenniferwalcott asked her Twitter followers if she should wear this dress. Well?

@xSophieReadex leaves things with a smile. That’s it for TwitPic Theater this week!