TwitPic Theater: Sexy Wonder Woman, Bubble Bath Time, Green Screen Bikinis, Bathroom Photobomb Edition


@SaraUnderwood donned the Wonder Woman suit on G4′s Attack of the Show and then created her own sexy superhero costume and nabbed some bad guys. That’s one bad-ass week. To see the full gallery of photos from Sara’s Wonder Woman appearance, click on the Attack of the Show page.

@sheridynfisher @oliviapaige00@SheridynFisher and @OliviaPaige00 pictured here poolside and smiling.

@PbAddisonMiller@PbAddisonMiller shows off her sexy, pink leopard-print lingerie. Any girl that looks this stunning in her laundry room/bathroom wins our admiration.

@KristinaShn1 @karissashannon1@KristinaShn1 @KarissaShannon1 lost some clothes at the club this weekend. We assume there weren’t any complaints.

@KaylaCollins @patricehollis @KaylaCollins and @PatriceHollis look adorable. Axl Rose would be proud.

@NightingaleX2@NightingaleX2 looks stunning, but it’s her perfect phone placement that saved us from the inadvertent photobomb delivered by the guy exiting the men’s room still zipping up his pants.


@kortneykane@KortneyKane had a busy week being sexy in both pink and red.


@tiffanyselby@TiffanySelby was on FuelTV doing some sexy green-screen work.

@Jessalynnhinton@JessaLynnHinton was also on set making TV everywhere extra hot.

@april_summerz@April_Summerz seems to have forgotten her pants. Oh well.


@AmiaMiley gave us the long shot and the close-up of her newest outfit. Stunning.


We’re going to let @AshleyMattingly bat cleanup and provide this week’s bad pun so as to let you know that TwitPic Theater is over for this week.