TwitPic Theater Sexy Tow Truck, Steelers Super Bowl, Who Farted, Frisky Friday Edition

It’s cold right now. Really cold. Parts of the country are hitting severe negative¬†temperatures and, in general, things are not looking to get much warmer for at least another month. We’ll see if that pesky groundhog sees his shadow or not, but right now I think we could all use a quick heat infusion. In that spirit, I present this weeks TwitPic Theater featuring, as usual, the hottest pictures from the most beautiful women in the world in hopes that it will add a little warmth to your life.

@tayaparker@tayaparker celebrated a Steelers victory. Looks like a bet we wouldn’t have minded losing…

@sheridynfisher@sheridynfisher doesn’t look the least bit ready for cold weather, but we like.

@ShannaMoaklerWas¬†@ShannaMoakler princess of some sort of car towing event? I highly doubt it, but it sure makes for one of the funniest, yet cutest pictures I’ve seen.


@CrystalHarris lets us behind the scenes on her workout at the Mansion gym.

@KristenLynnXo@KristenLynnXo and friends take a break from partying to share this sexy tweet.

@lauracroft83 @lauracroft83 asks an eternal question with a revolving door of answers, though, far too often the answer is: me.

@Jessalynnhinton@Jessalynnhinton in an old, old school coreset and dress that we find quite alluring as we type this from our ice cave.


@sherabechard hosts her own Twitter party every Friday under the #FriskyFriday hashtag and we have yet to be remotely disappointed. If the ice in your heart isn’t melted yet, you might not actually have a pulse. Get it checked out!

To be continued....@thisisTSJ (that’s us!) was overwhelmed by sexy photos in our Twitter feed this week and that means (in case the giant To Be Continued wasn’t clue enough) that we’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of this week’s TwitPic Theater. Y’all come back now, you hear?