TwitPic Theater: Rod Blagojevich, Bikini Golf, Knife Wielding Beauties Edition

Following the tweets of beautiful girls the world ’round isn’t easy (OK, it is), but we’re always watching and bringing you the best moments. This week marked guest appearances by a deposed governor fresh off of a conviction and a gory scene, we can only hope was part of a horror film.


@adriennecurry was at the comic convention Wizard World Chicago this weekend dressed as Princess Leia, along with a host of other characters hanging out with the recently convicted former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.

@playmatevalerie has a bloody good weekend

@playmatevalerie went on a killing spree in what we can only hope was a staged photo shoot…


@misskarinnoelle tees off for charity in her bikini.

@kaylacollins out and about

@kaylacollins was out and about looking stunning.

@jayde_nicole and @iamjessicahall livin' it up

@jayde_nicole and @iamjessicahall livin’ it up and partying this weekend


@heatherraeyoung’s night started off innocently enough…


…but then everyone started getting a little grabby. Things got pretty darn steamy for miss @heatherraeyoung and friends.

@heatherchadwell @lauracroft83

@heatherchadwell and @lauracroft83 followed @heatherraeyoung‘s lead and let hands, legs and bodies go every which way. No complaints here.


Playmates @Shannon_James, @francescafrigo and Shanna Mclaughlin at a Playboy Golf event in New York.


@angelajtaylor and friends rocked nothing but bikinis at their party this weekend. Question is, Was this followed by zucchinis and martinis as Snoop Dogg recommends?