TwitPic Theater: Naughty at the Office

Every week Playmates, Playboy models, and hot girls tweet pictures of their daily life on Twitter.  They make everything sexy from photo copying their boobs to putting bunny ears on teddy bears.  Here’s the sexiest pictures from Twitter this week.

@SheraBechard demonstrates a typical Playboy work day, photocopying her boobs.

HiromiOshima-and-@jessicaburciaga.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />Playmates @HiromiOshima and @jessicaburciaga were exhausted from a long day’s work at the Playboy mansion

@sheridynfisher took a picture so we could see down her shirt

amandacerny-and-@BrigitteBoulay-in-Vegas.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />Miss October 2011 @amandacerny and @BrigitteBoulay hold up $3.00 worth of Playboy Magazines. The October 2011 issue of Playboy is only 60 cents.

Oh, to be an ant at the Playboy mansion – @jessahinton

Going up? Playmate @francescafrigo shot this picture just in time for the DVD release of Horrible Bosses.

Playmate @MissKassieLyn experimented with all the filters on her camera at once

That poor teddy bear never even saw the bunny ears coming from Playmate @kaylacollins

Playmate @tiffanytothxoxo looks pretty on pink at the Playboy Mansion

@sheridynfisher posted this pic of brasNthings models standing in line, probably for the girls bathroom

Here’s a fun game: have a staring contest with Playmate @jessahinton

To get sexy content on Twitter, follow @Playboy and @ThisisTSJ.  If you are too lazy to get a Twitter account, come back next week to see what sexy pictures hot girls tweeted.

Did I miss a sexy TwitPic this week?  Let me know – @KendraZager